The Brown Bagger

This blog is about one thing and one thing only…


hence the title… i know quite a punny

if your still reading despite my bad attempt at a joke, hopefully your intrigued

what makes the name a punny is that I go to Brown university.

Therefore this blog will be mainly focused around providence, the surrounding areas, and Brown itself.

This will include reviews and reccomendations of where to eat in providence:

on a students budget

not on a students budget(on the occasion where the parents decide to foot the bill… or I’m not broke)

A little shout out to mama Watterson here and her own delicious cooking

Where to eat on the Brown Campus:

including Thayer

College hill

my own secret dining hall recipes and discoveries(some as disgusting as they are delicious… It’s either get creative or eat grilled chicken waffles and ice cream every day)

and my own recipes you can make in your very own dorm.

My travel food experiences:

including in my Homestate of NY

trips to Mass

the rest of RI

and any vacations I happen to be lucky enough to go on.

Last I am a wrestler, which means I’m also starving.

I wrestle 125 and naturally weigh 145, this pretty directly led to my love of food.

This had two other direct results:

I’ve learned to eat healthy at college when I have to make weight (a harder task then one might assume) which can be useful for those trying to avoid the dreaded freshman 15 or possibly 30

second I’ve also learned to binge eat in vast vast quantities, for a 125 pounder I can pack it in therefore there will also be my own little Billy vs Food section. (my life dream is to replace the guy on man vs food.. whatever his name is.

This, for example, is what happens when domino’s get ordered during wrestling season….

and thats my very loose plan for this blog

mainly I just plan to eat…. look out for more posts soon(could be a little slow as theres a few weeks left in wrestling season so I won’t be doing much except starving myself)

until next time

the brown bagger


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