First Healthy Nutrition Post

Today I’m cutting weight… I have to make four pounds tommorow to wrestle off for my spot for Conferences therefore I’ll be eating healthy today and tommorow. Here are the healthy recipes that will take me down to 129.

Delicious Vanilla Mango Banana Coconut Water Protein Shake

2 scoops vanilla whey protein (I reccommend Warrior Milk -it’s delicious and doesn’t contain any of the extra crap that most normal good tasting whey protein have)

2 large slices dried organic unsweetened mango

small handful of almonds

half a banana

teaspoon of honey

tablespoon of coconut oil(can be found in most health food stores)

small piece of unsweetened baking cocoa

vanilla extract( also vanilla bean if you have it)

half cup of coconut water

half cup of milk(I alot of the time use coconut milk or almond milk, but if your going for taste chocolate milk works really well)

2 1/2 cups of ice

then blend… if you have blender with multiple settings(I have a vita mixer- it’s a worthwhile investment) start low and slowly increase to highest setting till thick. Should come out ice cream like consistency.

Almond butter and banana sandwich:

2 slices of your favorite health bread( Spelt or whole grain are best)

spread almond butter on one side (I make it in my blend sometimes and add a little cinnamon and honey- delicous)

spread honey on the other

sprinkle both sides with cinnamon

then slice banana however you prefer add

… and you have one delicious healthy sandwich… even better toasted

Breakfast pudding(requires food processor or good blender such as the vita-mixer):

This is a weird one, but bear with me

1/2 cup of nuts (I prefer to use cashews)

1/4 cup of water, coconut water, or milk

blend this till smooth


1 scoop vanilla whey protein

1 teaspoon honey or agave

1 tablespoon coconut oil

vanilla extract( also vanilla bean if you have it)

pinch of cinnamon

your choice of fruit( dried fruit works best and I prefer dried apples mangos banana or blueberries some combos work good also)

1/2 cup coconut flakes

small amount of unsweetended baking cocoa shredded on top

blend, again going lowest setting to highest, make slightly smooth, but not liquidy

freeze overnight

It might look literally like poop, but this recipes great because it tastes good and you can experiment with it making it different every time(because I want to carbo load this time I substituted some whole rolled oats for some of the coconut), just try throwing different things in and making it different consistencies you won’t regret it.



thats all for now… next time whey protein pancakes and frenchtoast


3 Responses to “First Healthy Nutrition Post”

  1. biggy b says keep writing love this blog. i’m in for lugers dinner.

  2. biggy b says im ready to go to chat noir to hear some stories about grandpa welsh dinner on me. love ya biggy ub

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