First REAL post: Cook and Brown Public House

This weekend the Rents came to visit for wrestling alumni weekend. That means I got to eat in STYLE.

We went to a restaurant called  Cook and Brown Public House. It’s at  959 HOPE ST. in PROVIDENCE.

At first I was very skeptical. I had passed it before and it was EMPTY.

Never a good sign. My dad said that it had just been given some type of award, what restaurant doesn’t have sometype of an award though… I was dubious

Yet that award(which through google I discovered was Esquire Magazines top 10 restaurant of the year- pretty prestigous) was well deserved.

When we got there still empty and still dubious. Nonetheless I was starving, I’d just made weight two days in a row and just that day wrestled two wrestling matches, so I wasn’t about to complain.

The bread came out it was delicous. Not the best bread I’ve ever had, but the crust was chewy, although it was a little light on, my favorite, the soft delicous inside(I’m a sucker for the inside of warm bread), but the butter swooped in and saved it. It was restaurant made butter and the single best butter I’ve ever had.

My expectations had been raised another level. We then got our drinks. Classy person that I am I attempted to order the chocolate milk… fail. Then the apple juice… less of a failure, instead of bringing me apple juice they brought me specially spice farm apple cider. This was not your normal apple cider, extremely strangely spiced, yet delicious nonetheless. Equally interesting was my dads drink the Bison Grass Vodka. Not really my thing, but then again not a huge fan of vodka in general… I’m of the opinion it should be chugged, heavily diluted, or not enjoyed at all, in other words im extremely unmanly in my drinking. If it wasn’t wrestling season they did however, have some extremely interesting cocktails including an Autumn Smoke: daron calvados, chichicapa mezcal, cider syrup and bitters. Don’t know what the first two really are, but it had the Cider in it so they had me interested…

Now comes the food… so this dinner was where I actaully decided to start this food blog and I therefore was extremely excited to take pictures and document the food. That being said I got a little to excited and ate it all before I took any pictures… whoops. So I’m forced to supplement with pictures from the restaurant website… For appetizers we ordered: The Chirried eggs, the Sardines, the single Quail (a special), and the pate.

The two standouts were clearly the Chirried eggs, the eggs being not only delicous, but being absolutely swarmed by delicous shrimp (this was a great winter comfort food), and second the pate, I’m  a sucker for rich food and this pate did not dissapoint, not to mention it came with an excellent black berry spread and grain mustard.

The main course:

I didn’t really get the chance to try my parent’s dishes, they were also quickly devoured (except for a little of my mom’s burger, she’s a little person give her a break she tried, which I would whole heartedly recommend to any burger lover)

I however, got the hamsteak. This came with an egg on top and was accompanied with stone ground grits. The hamsteak was for the most part delicous, the fatty areas being clear standouts, and the rest being some what ho hum. I was however, very excited about the stone ground grits and they did dissapoint me, being much less flavorful then I’d hoped. This was delicous yet somewhat of a let down after the amazing appetizers.


This was a close contender with the appetizers for the best part of the meal. We ordered all three desserts, we were hungry and indecisive, the two that are worth mentioning though, the panna cotta was delicous yet paled in comparison, were the Caramel rice pudding and the apple crisp. Both were absolutely amazing. The rice pudding was up their with any rice pudding I’ve ever had and I love rice pudding. The caramel was swirled into the rice pudding and might have been overpowering except that it was given in just the right amount and went perfect with the absolutely delicous rice pudding. The apple crisp was literaly the best apple crisp I’ve ever eaten. The crispy top, was delicous with cranberries and various nuts giving it a savory aspect and then the apple filling was equally amazing.

This meal overall was excellent. At the end I was not just full, but satisfied and in the end this was all that remained.

My stained shirt, because otherwise we were in the clean plate club.
While maybe not a top ten in the country(I actually think Gracie’s she be on that list) this restaurant is definitely worth the trip if you got some cash to spare.

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