Some NYC Favorites

I’m in the process of planning a trip to the city for after the season based entirely around food. This is an awesome, albeit somewhat costly, tradition wherever year I go to the city and literally just go from one food place to another. It’s THE BEST. So here are some of my favorites from the past:

Peter Luger – You’ll come for the Amazing Steak, but you’ll love the atmosphere and most of all the giant strips of bacon. One of the only restaurants where they’ll tell you what your ordering.(Just over the bridge in Brooklyn)

(these next three are all around the lower east side of manhattan)

Smac- Make your own mac n cheese + pizza mac n cheese + cheesburger mac n cheese + buffalo chicken wing mac n cheese nuff said.

Economy Candy –  Best candy store in the city. It’s old fashioned and fun (been getting my lunch boxes there for years) but most importantly its delicious. It’s got all the old fashion candy you could want, all the new, and all the handmade.

Donut Plant – Best. Donuts. Ever.

The Coconut Cream is the HOLY GRAIL of Donuts

My Recommendations the Coconut Glazed Cream filled, the tres leches, and the blackout. Can’t go wrong.

Bubby’s Pie Company– Nothing like a slice of banana cream pie, some chicken and waffles, and some hot chocolate at three am. Open late nights starting last year this is the place to be for breakfast and your very very late night pre- breakfast. Amazing banana walnut pancakes, fried chicken and waffles, eggs, a cherry pie to kill for, mac n cheese, and pretty much anything else you could possibly want.

Levain Bakery– I’m a cookie fanatic, there my great weakness. I love these cookies and yet as much as I love them I can’t even really call them cookies, as much as I’d like to convince myself, their each there own cake. These cookies are humongous. Humongous and delicious. Everyone raves about the chocolate chip, but personally I’m a sucker for their oatmeal cookie (as always… I used to eat at least two oatmeal cookies a day) and as a close second their double chocolate fresh out of the toaster is killer(it literally bleeds chocolate)

Now that I’ve given my NYC food secrets. I could use any suggestions I could get because right now my list of where to go on my next trip is about a 1000 places long, college has kept me away from the city for far too long. Please comment with your suggestions.


the brown bagger


2 Responses to “Some NYC Favorites”

  1. Cookies!
    We’ve got some rockin’ sushi places in Balto and if you are in town contact me and I’ll see if The Chef is available to cook for you.

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