the blue room

Well I lost my wrestle off… super depressing. Worst possible way to end the season,  but probably good for this blog (you selfish bastards) because I can eat and probably eat alot because eating the pain away is my only mechanism for dealing with depression and loss because I’m such a manly man and therefore don’t have feelings. But on a less depressing note I had lunch at the blue room today, another cafe at Brown university. Probably the most popular of brown’s cafes, it features deli sandwiches, paninis, soups, Kabob and Curry, and some damn delicous pastries from a local bakery. Open 730 am to 9 pm, its a pretty solid choice, besides that fact that you can’t use meals until 4 oclock- big downside. The best part about it is its right in the middle of campus so it’s always crowded and your bound to see someone you know and can sit with.

their deli sandwiches pictured here are just average, but the best you’ll get for your points at Brown and luckilly there’s alot of options.

Today I got a roastbeef wrap, with cheddar, honey dijon, lettuce, tomato, and onions. A solid sandwhich.

MY TIPS for ordering a deli sandwich at the gate would be roast beef is always a strong choice because they give you the most meat, you can get as many spreads as you like take advantage of it, ask for extra cheese, and I wouldn’t get the wheat wrap(pretty dissapointing)

To drink I got a Synergy drink. This drinks pretty controversial, everyone either hates it or likes it, however I would reccomend trying it because if you do like it, as I do, it’s pretty tasty and amazingly healthy. For something that tastes so good it only has 2 grams of sugar and 30 calories per serving along with a ridculous amount of probiotics and other nutrients.

Along with my meal I also got a french toast muffin, which I gotta say biggg disappointment, I usually love the Blue Room’s pastries, but I’d say stay away from this one. It’s top, usually the best part of a muffin, was far 2 crusty, and was not soft and gooey at all. A big miss.


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