A little bit of food History in NYC

This is mostly only history because its relevant to me(which makes it important… again probably just to me). My great great grandpa Billy Welsh was a detective Seargent in the NYC police force and a veteran of the Spanish American war, where he led the charge of Macarthur’s Brigade in a famous battle to take a block fort- this helps make him somewhat of a legend in my family. He was shot for leading a raid which led to some criminal being brought to court, he was a witness in the court case. Apparently these criminals were able to pull enough weight that people were willing to kill in order to keep them from going to jail. Billy Welsh was shot dead in the Black Cat Cafe after leaving the Court for the day.  This event and the life of Billy Welsh in general have always taken on a kind of mythical aspect to me. I always looked at him as a grisly war hero and noirish detective, a cop on the edge dying for a case that no one else is willing to take(I can already see the movie in my head… now just give me your money).



He’s kind of a hero to me and I’ve always kept an eye out for the Black Cat Cafe, but could never find it. The stupid reason, the names in French… (leave it to the french to fancy things up and make them more complicated than they need to be). The restaurant as I discovered through much astute googling is called The Bistro Chat Noir (or the Black Cat Cafe). Its at 22 East 66 Street, between 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue in Manhattan and apparently, according to the website, they’ve had a madonna sighting so it must be good…


Really though the website said Zac Braff was there to and as the star of the greatest telivision series ever- Scrubs, if you didn’t know already you should be ashamed- the Restaurant must be good. It seems to have gotten good reviews and its now made the itinerary for my next city trip.

If you’ve been there give some help to the Brown Bagger and let me know how it is (and what to get I’m very indecisive).


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