The Brown Bagger vs Food

Just like this Pig and just like Adam Richman of Man vs Food I love to eat large quantities of food and for a 125 pound person am capable of doing so in pretty impressive quantities(I’m awesome). Therefore this post and this category of my blog is devoted entirely to food challenges and other wise startling stomach feats. I plan to post all of my own massive food finds and food conquests and hope you will to. Please comment with the various challenges you’ve found and the vast food mountains you’ve climbed. (If there in the vicinity of Rhode Island or NY even better, if not it’ll give me an incentive to travel)

thanks the Brown Bagger


3 Responses to “The Brown Bagger vs Food”

  1. Here’s the challenge:
    Try to eat 50 little debbie snacks(can be all the same or assorted) in minutes.

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