Some Mexican Suggestions Maybe? My favorite thus far has been Rosa Mexicana, haven’t had good mexican food in a while though. Also Breakfast suggestions would be appreciated.

If you mark other please specify… there’s alot of pizza places in NYC and as much as I love pizza..

Any other suggestions would be appreciated…


7 Responses to “NYC TRIP STOPS… Help Me out”

  1. For Mexican, Gabriela’s or La Caridad (La Caridad might be more Cuban)–both on the Upper West side. You should also add a Fried Chicken/Soul food section–Charles’ Country Pan-Fried Chicken on 151st street in Harlem is a start. Luv the blog, hope we can meet some day…;)

    • Thanks for the suggestions.

      Soul food’s not a bad idea. I usually go for late night bubbies pie co: chicken and waffles, pie, and maybe some mac and cheese, which soothes my soul pretty dam good, but I think I need to expand my heavily fried horizon. So Fried chicken/ Soul food suggestions are welcome, everyone tells me a different place has the best fried chicken, so much so that I can never decide where to go, so if you can think you can answer that immortal mystery please do.

  2. Mexican Radio on Kenmare Square had good, inexpensive mexican food

  3. Caitlin Watterson Reply March 1, 2011 at 6:23 am

    Check out Caffe Falai in SoHo. Its a little pricey but the even the simple spaghetti with marinara sauce is fabulous and the service is so great. For mexican there is mama mexico on the upper west side if you are ever by columbia, or dos caminos (which has yummy margaritas and a great night scene). Also, you have to head to the lower east side and go to Caracas Arepas Bar. Its tiny and often crowded, but the arepas are delicious and filling. Always use the special sauce and order one of the fun drinks!

  4. Try Centrico in Tribeca. gourmet mexican food in cool location.

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