Thayer: Au Bon Pain

I have to keep my weight down for one more week and I got pretty fattt this weekend. Between loads of pizza, at Antonio’s on thayer street (if you don’t know about  1 dollar cheese slices between 12 and 2 am, thursday friday and saturday you damn well should cause it’s about the best thing ever) I’m a little heftier than I need to be. So tonight I decided it was probably the right decision to go for a salad, because my self control some what weak however right now- I feel the need to eat my sorrows away- I decided making my own salad at the dining hall wouldn’t end well.

Instead I hit thayer. The best salad option on Thayer, for a somewhat reasonable price, is Au Bon Pain. Au Bon Pain is a little more pricey then I’d like:


2 drinks:

Orange Juice

San Pellegrino

1 salad

but is still the clear choice for a healthy salad. They allow you to customize your own salad and the ingredients are reasonably fresh and the service is excellent, I was only supposed to get 3 toppings, but my server let me get as many as I want- that’s some damn good service. If you get a salad with meat in it you get 3 toppings otherwise it’s 5 and then 50 cents for any extra. One of the best parts about it is it comes with a piece of fresh bread and Au Bon Pain makes some excellent bread.

Another downside was the orange juice. It looked fresh squeezed and said it wasn’t from concentrate, but don’t let it fool you or you goingto be disappointed, DO NOT GET THE OJ.

Overall it was a worthwhile meal:


Slightly Pricey for a chain Cafe

Good Salads

Good Baked goods

Excellent Service


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