Blue Room Order Technique

I no that face makes you want to cry…. and you should. (don’t worry I’m usually way better looking)

Wellll I was planning to do a ultimate burrito smackdown today, and finally settle the debate between Chipotle and Tex Mex, but sadly my weight was a little high and as delicous as two massive burritos are there also not so good for the wasteline, so that’ll have to wait till next week. So instead I returned to Brown Universities Blue Room tonight and got another sandwich. As a  frequent Blue Roomer and sandwich maker extraordinaire, I decided to make a comprehensive list of Blue Room Sandwich Ordering Tips.

Sorry, to those of you who don’t go to Brown, as my post will instead concern a Brown University Cafe (although you could probably get some good sandwich making ideas nonetheless), and most importantly to little Billy (my stomach, if you thought i was anything else you disgust me…)

Tip #1 Bread:

Don’t get the wheat wrap– just ew

the Focaccia and French Bread are my personal favorites

The 7 grain is probably the healthies choice (definitely no the best tasting however)

For Taste and some level of health I’d go for sun dried tomato wrap(probably not actually very healthy at all, but better than white) and Wheat Roll

Tip #2: Spreads

They will give you as many spreads as you wantt so don’t hesitate to ask for more than one.- although personally I think more than two your just going to have the flavors conflicting with eachother, the exception being tabouli as a third.

When ordering your spread they will usually either put a lot on one side or a little on both, best case scenario is if they just put it on one, because then you can wait till their done and ask if they can put it on both sides and then you’ll have a large amount on one side and a decent amount on the other. Having Spreads on both sides is a must because then you get the flavor on both sides of the bite.

My personal favorites are the chipotle mayonnaise combined with a mustard


The balsamic vinagrette and honey dijon

Tip #3: The Meat

You can get more than one if you ask.

As good as Proscuitto and Salami are they are very stingily given so hungry people beware

For those of you like me who like a little more bang for your buck- they give huge amounts of Roast Beef and Turkey

Tip # 4: The Cheese

If you ask they will give you more than one type of cheese or if you ask they will give you extra of one. So don’t hesitate to ask if your like me and you love cheese cause they can be a little skimpy.

Cheddar and Shaved Parmesian are a strong combo

and you can’t really go wrong with Mozzarella

Tip # 4  the veg

Main sandwich problem here don’t get more than 3-4 or your sandwich will get to bulky

My GO to Sandwiches:

Foccacia + balsamic Vinaigrette + prosciutto + salami +  tomato

Sundried Tomato Wrap + honey dijon + Chipotle Mayo + ham + cheddar + lettuce + Tomato + red onions (the classic ham and cheese simple yet delcious Pictured Below)

French Roll + honey Dijon + Chipotle Mayo + Roast Beef+ provolone + pickles+ lettuce + tomato (weird, but delicious)

health option: wheat roll + balsamic Vinaigrette + honey dijon + turkey + Cheddar + Parmesan + tomato + red onions + banana peppers (pictured below)

SUPER healthy option: 7 grain + spicy brown mustard + tabouili+ hummus + turkey + lettuce + tomato + red onions + banana peppers


4 Responses to “Blue Room Order Technique”

  1. Billy, Billy, Billy, where did I go wrong. If I could have followed you and scott to college I would have, but like any overseer of the young eventually you have to let them go out into the world alone with all hopes that the knowledge you have bestowed apron them is carried with them in their journey into manhood. Unfortunately not everything I taught you has transpired during your college experience.
    Though thorough and detailed, your choices of the sandwich are not one of a wrestler who is over weight. You soon will find yourself calling me in tears asking why you did not make weight and why a 31 year old gimp can still kick your butt. I will have bunt one answer for you, what and learn young jedi, watch and learn.

    But seriously, keep up the good work and kick ass the rest of the season. You will be a national champ!

    • COme on now Rabs you know I know my shit. When I’m losing alot of weight I don’t eat at the Blue Room, I start coming down on tuesdays, then I stick 2 my almond butter and banana sandwiches, protein shakes, and salad give me some credit… I am lost without you however, come be strenght and conditioning coach at Brown PLEASE. (also I appreciate the Star Wars reference) I’m coming home soon, and making a city trip we’ll get some all you can eat sushi

      • dude would love to be the SnC coach there. But if you want to see me you need to get on a plane to Austin. I moved three weeks ago. Come down here and we will have a BBQ and TexMex eat off.

        And i know your you shit. Just wanted to break your balls

      • YOU MOVED ALL ready! I thought that wasn’t happening to next year. But yah I’ll have to come visit you this summer. We’ll get some good food for sure.

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