Brown Burrito Smackdown: Preview

A story of David vs Goliath

A battle that tore a community apart.

Friendships destroyed

Love lost

…. And Burritos Scorned




The Burrito’s corporate king. A true Giant of the Burrito World, but a new comer to Providence Burrito Game.

Famous for their natural ingredients and HUMONGOUS burritos.


the highest quality of ingredients

corporate savy

brand name recognition

GIANT burritos


The local favorite and reigning king of Brown and Providence Burritos.


Free Guacamole(1.29 at Chipotle BIG ADVANTAGE)

Free Frozen Yogurt

Great Service

Local following


AMAZINGLY GREASY and delicious meats

More Options

Next Week I will undergo a blind tasting, one of each, and in the end only one will remain Burrito Standing, only one will be Burrito King, and both will end up in my belly.


For Now though here’s an inside look at Chipotle. Later this week will take a look at the inner workings of Tex Mex and see what two die hard fans have to say about their respective Burrito Choices.



4 Responses to “Brown Burrito Smackdown: Preview”

  1. dude tex mex 100%, its an unfair taste test if bajas is on steroids

  2. bro if you really want to get into the providence burrito game, get off college hill…Cilantro downtown has 2 for 1 burritos on monday nights i think…maybe a dif night. personally id still go with baja.

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