Review: Juniper

I”ve heard a lot of mixed things about Juniper, but I’m a fan. Frozen Yogurt always seemed very questionable to me just because, well, it’s yogurt, and why ruin a good thing. It seemed to me that yogurt and Ice cream should both stay in their respective delicous niches. Then I realized that Frozen Yogurt is essentially ice cream, just with a little less cream and fat and a shitload of sugar to make up for it, so a little less strong taste and lighter texture. I realized that while it will never replace my love for Ice cream or gelato, its not a bad substitute. Really no healthier than ice cream it’s not useful to eat as a healthy substitute, but it is nice to mix it up everyonce in a while. Therefore, I decided to give Juniper a shot a few times.

It’s frozen yogurt is good, although I’m not a fan of the regular, simply because it taste like yogurt not ice cream, and I like ice cream wayyyy more than yogurt, but the other flavors are good, and change somewhat regularly. The best part is the huge range of toppings: everything from many types of fruit, nuts, and granola to oreos and gummi bears.

My favorite part of Juniper, however, is their smoothies which I tried for the first time today. So far I’ve only tried one the Goji( which contains Goji, mango, peach, strawberry, and soy protein) and if its any indication I’m going to have no choice, but to try all of them. One of the best smoothies I’ve ever had. It was light, yet still thick like a smoothie should be. The mango and peach flavor came across very strong, but the soy protein (and I think the frozen yogurt they put in) also added a softer dairy taste, but didn’t have the sourness I usually associate with yogurt in smoothies.


Amazing Smoothies


decent frozen yogurt

great selection of toppings


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