Thayer Review: East Side Pockets

First things first East Side Pockets is awesome. As cheap eats go a full Five out of Five.

Second things second… whatever you do DO NOT get the yogurt drink. Thought I was going to vomit, I’m hoping, really hoping it had gone bad, otherwise some people just have no sense of taste.

Besides the Yogurt drink though, you can’t really go wrong at East Side. Their falafels A+ and they often give you it for free with your meal if you go there often. Delicious Baklava. They’ve got all the usual greek sides, humus, baba ganouj (probably spelled wrong, but my internets too slow right now for me to resort to google), and they all hit the spot. The greek salads decent: the feta’s good, the side pita’s a nice touch, but their greek dressing a little to salty for my taste.

All of this is pretty irrelevant though. If your going to East Side you have no excuse to not be getting a pocket. A pocket is essentially a pita wrap stuffed with greek ingredients and various greek meats (in other words a gyro). You  can get it filled with all sorts of ingredients from pickles, to greek yogurt sauce, to hot sauce, to lettuce, peppers, to grapeleaves. Then you can get freshly cooked Gyro lamb, chicken, kafka(greek ground beef), thinly sliced beef, or their awesome falafel. You can combine two of the meats, get just one, or go for one of their special wraps (Buffalo Chicken and Caesar Salad). They are phenomenal.

There also messy…

A must for all Brown students and any one in the near by area.


2 Responses to “Thayer Review: East Side Pockets”

  1. I like the sound of this place. Haven’t had good falafel in while

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