Food Challenges In Providence

These will be conquered:


Luxe Burger Bar:

– Not even a challenge…. but I do like free tee shirts

MONSTER SANDWICH of 4 Gold Label Burgers, 2 Jumbo Nathan’s All Beef Hot Dogs, 4 Slices of Smokehouse Bacon, 4 Slices of American Cheese, topped With Hereford Black Bean Chili, Cole Slaw & Relish on 2 Buttered Rolls served with a double order of Fries

Spike’s Junkyard Dogs


Challenge:Prizes: 1: hot dogs are free if store record is broken 2: eating 6 or more results in a picture on the Kennel Club Wall of Fame plus a free T-shirt (you have an Hour and a half)

… I’m going for the store record


Meatball Mike’s:

Beat the record and eat over 56 meatballs…. this could be a toughie, gotta love meatballs though, and if you win you get your meal for free a t-shirt and your picture in the hall of fame.


One Response to “Food Challenges In Providence”

  1. i’m not beating any records but i need some new shirts.

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