Earl Grey… Ice Cream


I’v been staring at this ice  cream for months. It sits in the freezer in the Brown Marketplace and the Gate and tempted me. Earl Grey ice cream, begs to be tried. It’s such a strange idea. I’ve had green tea ice cream, but usually it’s been on fire(Japanese restaurants fried ice cream) so nottt really the same as much as I love flaming ice cream.

Finally I saw someone I knew, eating someone else’s Earl Grey Ice cream in the Gate… that was good enough for me. I mooched my way in and finally got some of that ice cream.

To be honest though… I can’t even decide if I liked it. At first it’s very sweet creamy flavor(much like regular ice cream) which does have a hint of earl grey and it tastes great. Then all of a sudden you get hit by a literal wall of Earl Grey. It’s strong, so if your not a fan of earl grey I would definitely shy away from this one. Otherwise it’s worth giving it a chance.


One Response to “Earl Grey… Ice Cream”

  1. i just love you so much billy! your so cute!!! ill let you eat anything off my body and ill let you videotape it and post it to your website :*

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