Blue Room: Banana Walnut and Apple Cinnamon Muffins Review

Study Break… Right now I’m writing an essay. Unfortunately that essay was already mostly written and sommmmebody, may have, forgotten to press save. That or the same little gnomes that steal my socks, underwear, hide my homework, make sure I can never find my wallet when I need it, and make my room some how messier after I clean it deleted the essay while I wasn’t watching. So right now I’m pretty damn frustrated, in fact I would probably go on a property destroying murderous rampage, except for one thing…. Blue Room muffins.

There wonderful. The essay I’m trying to right is about how all gifts that are given imply a debt for the recipient, requiring them to reciprocate and give something in return. Well if that’s true then the blue rooms getting cheated becuase right now, those few meal points I gave up, are not enough to reciprocate for the gift taht keeps on giving. Not only were the banana walnut(pictured above) and Apple Cinnamon muffins delicous, but now I have an excuse to take a break for a second from writing my essay and instead write about something far more delicious and awesome then the Botswana people, tasty muffins.

The Banana Walnut is a sure thing. Unless you don’t like banana’s go for this one. Banana walnut muffins are a classic, and well deserving of the title. The sweet banana flavor of the muffin, goes perfectly with the crunchiness of the walnuts imbedded within. The one I got was cold, had probably been sitting out for a while, and yetttt sooo awesome.

Apple Cinnamon. I was hesitant simply because of the last cinnamon type of muffin I had gotten had been(awful check out my french toast muffin post). Yet this one pulled through. The little pieces of apple secreted away within  the muffin were a treat.

Now if the blue room weren’t closed and I had an excuse to walk over there and try another muffin… sigh. Back to essay writing.


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