Boston: Chinatown- Hei La Moon

Today I took a trip to Boston’s Chinatown.

With wrestling season over, my stomach felt the need to explore new lands. I obliged.

Earlier in the week I signed up for a trip to boston’s Chinatown.

This morning we met the bus at 11

and were on our way. I came with Pat Labuz, a fellow wrestler- he only eats cheesburgers and candy so I felt I had to force him to expand his tastes.

He looks ready, but he didn’t know what he was in for. I was far more prepared:

Lightsaber Chopsticks. If that doesn’t mean your ready for some asian food I don’t know what does…. now if only I knew how to use them…

Fortunately we made some new friends… and forced them to teach me. They didn’t believe Luke Skywalker had passed the chopsticks on to me.

We got a little lost, but an hour and a half later we made it to the Hei La Moon Dim Sum restaurant.

I have to say ahead of time I love Dim Sum and it’s been a while so my tastes here may have been a little predjudice, they could’ve served me dog food wrapped in a rice bun and I would’ve loved it. Nonetheless I thought it was delicious.

We started out with some type of pork in a fried shell- At first I wasn’t a fan, but after a few bites I started to really notice the warm custard which covered the inside side of the shell, wasn’t a fan of the outside, but damn was the inside good.

Next  downed some pork shumai. I’ve been known to douse my pork shumai in soy sauce, totally unnecesary, these were amazing just the way they were.

NExt was my favorite of the meal. I’m not even sure what they were called, but it’s a chinese bun (a great start) filled with a sweet custard on the inside, phenomenal, I pretty much single handedly downed these, probably a little rude, but oh so neccessary if you come here get these NO MATTER WHAT.

Then came the classic glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaf. Glutinous rice is just always so delicious another must. It has little bits of anonymous meats which are just phenomenal(the mystery shrouding what they are making them only more so)

Next came fried rice (pretty much what you would expect, I’ve had far better), fried noodles(new to me basically, but basically fried rice, except with noodles), shrimp dumplings(huge dissapointment), roast pork in rice noodles(excellent- I think roast pork could make anything delicious), egg custard (ok I was a fan of the crust)

and last, but definitely not least, Roast pork buns. They were good as always, for they are one of the greatest things ever to come out of china, don’t take that the wrong way(if you knew how much I loved pork buns that would actually be a compliment), but definitely not A+ which is a big black mark for a dim sum restaurant in my opinion:

With our meal over, we hit some karaoke (I happened to pair up with a member of one of the Acchapella groups at Brown… big mistake, despite my golden pipes, he made me look bad and I don’ think they will be recruiting me to join the group, nonetheless a good time), and then we took a walk over to Bodega.

This is totally unfood related, but thought it was worth mentioning. OVer at 6 Clearway street (only a subway ride away) is a store called Bodega, which looks like a convenience store from the front

, but has a vending machine which is also a sliding door in the back which opens, up to a shoe and clothing store. It was interesting, and how many chances do you get to slide over a vending machine and enter a secret room (that excited the inner indian jones/ james bond/ secret agent inside me, hopefully it does for you to.)


Overall the meal was very tasty. That being said, this is nowhere near the best dim sum restaurant I’ve been to. However, it was not extremely expensive, and is well worth a stop if your in china town. My recommendations are basically any thing in a bun, the banana leaf rice, and the pork shumai.



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