Well Clearly My Works Not Getting Done…. BUT IT’S PIE DAY

Oh Well…

It’s hard to resist posting about pie day. I was very tempted to write a post about all my favorite pies in Ny, RI, and well everywhere, but instead seeing as I’m supposed to be writing an essay, I’ll leave it up to you.

Where’s Your favorite Pie?

and What’s Your Favorite type of Pie?

Pumpkin, Coconut cream pie, and Cherry pie are my favorite(to pick one would tear me apart on the inside).

Favorite Pie: Michelle’s Pies Coconut Cream, and Bubby’s Cherry Pie

Please Comment


2 Responses to “Well Clearly My Works Not Getting Done…. BUT IT’S PIE DAY”

  1. Clear and outright winner for me would have to be the pumpkin cheesecake… I love your blog keep up the great work!

    • Pumpkin cheesecake is a pretty amazing amazing thing, whoever thought to combine cheesecake and pumpkin pie(how could you possibly go wrong with two such equally amazing things) was just an awesome awesome person, unfortunately I’m stuck with dining hall cheesecake for now; if you happen to know where to get a good pumpkin cheesecake in Providence it would be greatly appreciated.

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