Once again, my studies have been ruined, and once again it was by food.

Hours deep into my studying enmeshed in knowledge, I was on a roll, yet when 10$ all you can eat wings call I had no choice, but to answer.

I dashed from the Sun lab in order to make it in time…. I of course did make it because I’m awesome(and they waited for me… and I walked)

However, when we got to Hooters(the site of the $10 wings/women in tight shirts) disaster struck…

there was a 45 minute wait, so instead we were forced to content are selves with the 50 cent wings at the bar across the way (I refuse to even mention it’s name)

we were stuck instead staring, and hoping, and dreaming about the delicous 10 dollar wings a mere parking lot away.

Yes it is every bit as sad as it looks. However, being the intrepid young men that we are we decided to make the best of it order our 10 wings a piece and started playing some pool.(the creature below, also known as CJ Howard, was one of my fellow wing eating companions)

Alas, disaster struck again, we were fooled into thinking that the 50 cent wings were bone in, but rather they were boneless of which we were never informed, the food came out sporadically and very slowly- so that we were all forced to watch eachother eat, and the service was horrendous.

Along with that the wings were either to lightly or to heavilly sauced and essentially chicken tenders not wings. It was a pretty weak showing and that is why I don’t even mention the restaurants name(that and I can’t remember it… if it’s next to a hooters DON”T GO)

We left disheartened yet far from surrender, we decided to hit the Rita’s italian ices on our way back to salvage the night. CLOSED. It seemed event were conspiring against us… and then one little delicious thing changed it all:

Ben and Jerry’s. Ohh how I love you. Typing this right now and looking at this picture makes me crave it once again. There’s all sorts of designer ice creams out there now, but dammit good old fashion Ben and Jerry’s does it right. I got a coconut seven layer bar(a go to for me) and sweet cream and cookies(new and absolutely phenomenal- theirs whole oreos + sweet cream= excellent) in a wafer cone, which are of course the best (I don’t care what any one says wafer cones are amazing I could eat them without ice cream no problem). Saved the night and ended it oh so perfectly.


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