Cookies!: Levain Bakery

So every year right after wrestling season, my mom gets me a nicccce big box of levain bakery cookies. Now that I’m in college it would have been easy to slack off and left me to survive on Providence cookies alone(which don’t get me wrong are pretty delicious,  you can give me a warm meetings street cookie any day), but she persevered being the awesome mother she is. Early this week this ordinary looking box arrived in the mail:the contents however, made this box oh so not ordinary. Inside this box lay 4 freshly baked and shipped overnight, Levain Bakery cookies, it might as well have been delivered by angels:

While I would clearly rather have them right from the store these were a damn good substitute. I of course immediately attacked them, I had to fight through some tough packaging( sooo frustrating, I thought we were evolved as a race beyond untying difficult knots)

I killed off my least favorite first: the chocolate peanut butter first, just because I knew I would want my favorites cooked in the oven, warm, melty, gooey, and extra extra good(warmed up of course as per their instructions: on a sheet pan in a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes)

It was as amazing as always basically a giant reeses peanut butter cup cookie, but yet so much better. These cookies are essentially cake, and this cookie in particularly is essentially very very chocolaty cake, and damn is it good. Your not overwhelmed by the chocolate because the peanut butter chips offset it.

After I was done I tossed the rest in the freeze for later consumption(I can’t wait Levain oatmeal and Double chocolate chip…. heaven)


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