Brown Burrito Smackdown: Sorry

So I know I’ve been slacking. It’s tough to find a night when all of the lucky testers are ready to down to giant burrito’s, especially during finals period.

So, because I’ve been letting you down, heres another preview. Today I had some Tex Mex between my first(vdub) and third dinner(the Gate) in order to avoid starting my Computer Science midterm. I blame Giuseppi… it was still a way better way to spend the night then working  CS.

I got my go to burrito (and clearly the best burrito):

white tortilla


beans (the brown kind- it’s confusing which one, all I can think of is pinto, and when I try to think of another all I can come up with is santa maria)

chipotle chicken (can’t go wrong with this it’s tender and the chipotle sauce is awesome- bbq chickens not bad either)

pulled pork (the best my favorite meet here it’s so tender, beyond greasy, and oh so fatty)

guac(free here as opposed to chipotle)

sour cream

and then fully loaded with all the rest except salsa (I think it overpowers the other flavors to much)

I also go with the mild sauce

the perfect combo

I have to say after eating this Chipotle has a tough challenge ahead of it.

Guiseppi got a bacon cheesesteak which, I had a bite of and it was pretty damn good- bacon was a good choice- it came with some decent fries(just ok except had some nice seasoning on some of them) I won’t review this yet because I haven’t eaten a whole one, but that’ll probably come some  times this week.



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