In two and a half hours I will be on my way to some where warmer than here, nicer than here, easier than here, and far more awesome than here(at the moment). twenty four hours from now I will be relaxing in tropical paradise, and most importantly I will not be cold and not be doing schoolwork. THis will be my second spring break in a row in the bahamas and I am beyond excited.

This is also good news for the blog, because there is some damn good food in the Bahamas. From BObby Flay’s Mesa Grill, Dune, also some famous guy- I don’t really care though I’m just excited for the amazing waffles and Bohemian special(something awesome with fish and grits and cornbread) after which I look like this:

plus a damn delicious all you can eat buffet(there has to be at least ten different tables of food with food ranging from pizza and chicken fingers to sushi kelbasi steak pot roast and ten million desserts from crepes to ice cream to hot chocalte to cakes), besides that theres plenty other awesome Bohemian delights to be tried.

Tommorow we check in at the atlantis around 3, then were having a nice grill session, hopefully be eating some freshly caught fish:

and then maybe a post from overseas.

I’ll see you on the other side.


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