Game of Thrones Food in NYC?

If I didn’t love food so much and I  wanted to write a blog, it’s fairly obvious to me, and those who know me it would probably be about something incredibly nerdy. I’m a die hard starwars fan(once my metabolism slows down I could be in trouble),

love all things Lord of the Rings, want to grow up to be either a spy, Indian Jones, or a jedi, have watched about every science fiction televison show ever(yes I do love star trek among other things), and I might consider this the hottest picture of Meghan Fox ever

,basically I’m a closet nerd- I cry myself to sleep everytime a new star wars clone wars tv episode comes out, then watch it anyways and dry my eyes with old comic books….

It might not be that bad, but it’s close, don’t judge me.

How this relates to food is that my favorite fantasy book(except possibly the lord of the rings: the return of the king) and possibly my favorite book, A Game of Thrones, is not only coming out with and HBO television series, but now has it’s own Food Cart in NYC.

Celebrity chef Tom Colicchio of Craft, Craftbar, Colicchio & Sons, and Wichcraft- A pretty solid resume- has created a food cart based on the food of Westeros (the land in which Game of Thrones takes place) .

The menu includes rabbit, squab cooked in sweet wine, and a head cheese dish. Sounds pretty medieval, but I definitely plan to try it. Next weekend I’m going home and I’m definitely going to try to hunt down his food cart in NYC.

FOr those of you in NYC you can use this website to find the trucks latest location.


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