Bahamas: Cafe Matisse

MOst of the restaurants I went to while in the Bahamas were on Paradise island where I was staying. MY dad was  detirmined to go off the island to make it to this restaurant, that was immediately a good sign, and despite my sun and warmth induced laziness we made it out there one night. Definitely worth the trip.

I assumed Cafe Matisse was going to be french bistro type food because of the name, but it is actually an Italian restaurant. It’s located at Bank Lane behind Parliament Square, just off Bay Street, not a hard trip at all from the paradise islands or the sands resort, 15 minutes at the most. I would reccomend you make the trip.

The meal started out phenomenally, right off the bat they brought out warm rolls and bruschetta, the  rolls were good, but I think we just about ate all the bruschetta in the place- asking for plate after plate and never getting a single complaint explicit, or otherwise, and damn was the bruscetta good, I could’ve eaten that for a whole meals and I’d be content.

Next they brought out drinks, again I was disappointed. Unlike many places where you order fresh squeezed orange juice this juice was actually fresh squeezed. We then hit the appetizers. The calamari  I had was probably the best I’ve ever had and maybe the highlight of the meal, the downside: you definitely trade quality for quantity, for the price there was very few pieces. However, they were perfectly cooked and came with an amazing blackberry jam which was not only different from anything I’d ever had on calamari, but that tasted great on them.

Next it was time to order are main courses. I got a T- bone steak with a side of chocolate pasta… yes I did say chocolate pasta, when something that strange is on the menu I’m obligated to try it. The T-bone steak is definitely worth a recommendation, it was juicy, they brought it our rare just like I like- not medium rare, or medium, but actually rare- it had just the amount of fat, to give it good flavor. A good T-bone if I’ve ever had one, this says alot especially because I usually find the steaks not to be that good at Italian restaurants.

I miss you delicious steak

Unfortunately the picture I took of the chocolate pasta and most of the other main courses, and dessert, all came out to dark, it was pretty disappointing, and made me decide I need to upgrade my camera. But, regardless trying chocolate pasta is a must. It manages to taste chocolaty, but still be a savory past. As full as I was after finishing my main course, eating about 10 plates of bruschetta, and helping just about everyone finish their main course I couldn’t help, but slowly finish off the chocolate pasta– I’d say just one more bite, and one more, and one more, and there is no more left.

The dessert was decent. I got the chocolate/white chocolate mousse, already now being in a chocolate mood. The desert tasted good, and the sauce that came with it was excellent, a raspberry sauce I think, but the consistency of the mousse was a little disappointing it was almost more of a pudding then a mousse, and therefore seemed very unsubstantial.

OVerall it was an excellent meal. I would absolutely recommend it if your in the bahamas. Hopefully your pops offers to take you to though cause it’s not cheap. Thanks Dad



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