A Taste of Thai in Hell’s Kitchen

Hello everyone! I’m Caitlin from Columbia University so I will be exploring the fabulous food to be found all over New York City. Also I absolutely love to cook so I will be sure to post recipes after I give them a try!

Now that the weather is FINALLY turning sunny, I would suggest taking a short trip over to Hell’s Kitchen- conveniently located on the West Side- and explore some of the mouthwatering, as well as reasonably priced, cuisine. There are a variety of italian, thai, japanese, and American style restaurants, as well as yummy bakeries! But for today I’d like to recommend a thai restaurant that, in my illustrious opinion, is the best thai food in the city: Room Service. Despite its stylish appearance filled with mirrors and glitzy chandeliers, this place is totally affordable for the average (and cash-strapped!) college student. Personally when I go to Room Service I opt for the traditional favorite, Pad Thai, which has a ton of flavor and vegetables without being greasy. Other recommendations are the shrimp or lychee fried rice, as well as coconut tempura calamari…yum. If you go from 11-3:30 you can get the lunch special, which for no additional cost can be paired with some dumplings or spring rolls. If you go out at night its more of a bar scene so be sure to order a cocktail- maybe try something with lychee in it to get the asian twist 😉


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