This week brown announced they were recommending that the Brown Wrestling program(if you want to help please sign this online petition
be dropped and I went to the ER. So it’s been a fairly stressful week. To blow of some steam me and a few friends decided to take a trip to Sakura on wickiden street right near Brown.

A few things about Sakura. It’s a japanese restaurant, medium pricing- if you get sushi of course it’s going to be fairly expensive, it’s also a little to nice for sake bombing(you should probably stick with tokyo another nearby Japanese restaurant for those of age), and if you have bad knees or a bad back or you just don’t like sitting on the floor it could be a wait because about 1/4 of their restaurant requires you to sit on pillows(also if you have smelly feet and are worried about offending a date they make you take of your shoes so be careful with your disgusting smelly feet or take an extra shower).

Sakura is BYOB(bring your own beer) so I’d stop at campus fine wines, just up the street and buy some beer and sake if your planning to sake bomb. ake bombing aside however, the food at Sakura was fairly decent.

I got one yellowtail and scallion handroll(4.50) and the beef Nakamura- not sure on that spelling- as a full meal(14.95) which comes with salad, miso soup, your (slightly smaller) selection of one appetizer, rice, and dessert.

I would not reccomend the sushi at Sakura, it was a dissapointment- neither the fish nor the actual roll itself was very good, although I did eat it anyways….

The rest of the meal on the other hand was awesome. My Ahiru, slivers of duck in sweet sauce, was the highlight of my meal, the duck was tender and the sauce on it was awesome, and not to sweet or sticky as asian sauces can often be.

The salad was a little light on dressing, but the sesame seeds on top were a nice addition and gave it a nice texture.

The Miso soup was A+ definitely makes it worth getting the full meal, I devoured mine.. and then ate someone elses.

Once again my meal itself was so good that I ate the whole thing without taking any pictures… but the beef Nagamaki, I’m definitely butchering it, but to me it was just the #35, was awesome. It’s tender beef wrapped around a scallion. It comes with noodles and some very heavilly sauced asian lettuce, mix all that together with some rice and you got yourself a good meal.

So overall a good experience… be careful if you go sake bombing however or you could end up looking like this on the other side:


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