On a hot sunny day Froyo hits the spot pretty damn good. While the Frozen Yogurt itself is a little less high quality its definitely got better bang for your buck then juniper down the street. The other benefit is the do it yourself attitude. At Froyo you both fill up your own cup and put your own(of a great variety of toppings; selection listed later) toppings on yourself. This is nice for all you fatasses like me, who like to pile their deserts on top of more desert.

Luckily right when you walk in they let you sample all the flavors- I may have taken a little advantage of this by sampling every frozen yogurt several times- they had: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry kiwi, a fruity one i forget(whoops), peanut butter(this one was a little much), and cakebatter(my personal favorite). I thought the best were hands down strawberry kiwi, cakebatter, and plain vanilla.I went with Vanilla, chocolate, and cakebatter mixed together, crazy I know.  To detirmine the price they weight your cup in when you pay. Not to bad of a system, especially for those of us who got hungry on the way to the register…


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