I’ve been slacking….

It’s been a long time…
I’d love to say there was some world shattering event, grand many month adventure, or otherwise fantastic occurence that has, understandably, left me unable to access a computer. However in truth, the only event that has occurred has been normal life as we know it. While normal life has, as it tends to do, enthralled me, bored me, tossed me, turned me, and sent me every which way you can imagine, it has, as modern life tends to do, left me steadily glued to a computer. So do I really have an excuse? Well, I was lazy…, but thankfully unlike most other true loves, food does not have the power of attorney or divorce. So the love between food and I is still alive and well. While unfortunately I won’t really be able to share my adventures and misadventures with food, from the past few months, including a trip to turkey, maybe me and food needed a little private time. But now I stand ready to return to my duties and, hopefully, overcome my laziness. Look for my first post soon. Hope your still reading


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