Michele’s Pies

Only a few days after thanksgiving it would be a travesty to not have a pie post, especially if your one of the few who’s digestive track is still occasionally reminding you of those 8 slices of pie you ate. As a true pie lover, 3 favorite desserts: pie, ice-cream, and oatmeal cookies, pies along with stuffing are my favorite part of thanksgiving. This year I was especially thankful because along with our home cooked pies my mom also brought home a pie from Michele’s Pies.

Last year in my never ending quest for delicious pie goodness, a quest mainly considering of lots of sampling and a whole lot of internet surfing in class, I happened upon Michelle’s Pies in an old episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay- Bobby got smacked as usual, so that didn’t tell me much. It begged to be tested.

Luckily my mom works fairly close to it’s location:

666 Main Avenue, Norwalk CT 06851 Phone: 203.354.7144

The next time I was home I begged, I pleaded, and… I ended up buying three pies… for myself. Before you judge, look at this  list of pies, and this picture

Seven of these amazingly delicious looking pies, are receiving 1st place ribbons at the 2010 National Pie Championship. SEVEN! So of course I couldn’t possibly choose one.

I went with three of the winner’s: Coconut Custard(of course Coconut is the fruit, or nut I don’t know it should have it’s own nutritional category called awesome, of the gods),  Maple Pumpkin with Pecan Streusel(one of their more famous pies), and the Apple Cranberry Crumb. They were heavenly, and at this point in my life my favorite pies on this planet a very bold statement from someone who has eaten as many pies as me. The Coconut Custard was the clear standout (although again I’m quite biased towards coconut particularly in pie form) with the Maple Pumpkin with Pecan Streusel, this was probably the best pumpkin pie I’ve ever eaten and pumpkin pies is my second favorite pie(again a bold statement), the Apple Cranberry Crumb was delicious, but truthfully not on the same level- I’m not a fan of cranberry in pies plus while its easy to make a good apple pie, I think an amazing apple pie is hard to find just because it’s so difficult to balance the amount of cinnamon.

So what did I have this Thanksgiving. I probably should have been experimental, but Thanksgiving I think is a holiday of old comfort, plus my day of binge eating- it’s once again wrestling season- was to important to risk. I went with my favorite Coconut Custard Pie. It was every bit as heavenly as I remembered. The secret I think is a really, really good crust, paired with the best coconut filling I’ve ever had. The custard is smooth and almost pudding like yet a thick enough consistency, with long strands of sweet chewy shave coconut giving it a nice texture. I had at least three slices, and only that many because the pie was quickly devoured before I could get a fourth.

Do yourself a favor and try Michele’s Pie’s, trust me you’ll want at least three slices too.


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