East Side Round II: The Plate Dinner

When you go to East Side Pockets you get a pocket, that’s just what you do. It’s what their famous for and well it’s damn good. However, before I started this weeks weight cut and with some meal money burning a whole in my pocket, I wanted some East Side. In a bout of spontaneity, I didn’t get a pocket- crazy right?- I decided to try their plate dinner.

While not quite as good as a pocket, it was definitely delicious, and for those of you like me who prefer dinner to be eaten with a fork, or merely on a plate- don’t think I have nothing against finger foods, I just like to have multiple parts to my dinner- it’s a nice alternative.

What really makes East Side great is the sauces and more importantly the quality of their meat or falafel. This remains true for the dinner plate. I got the chicken gyro combo plate. The chicken kabob and lamb gyro are simply fantastic. They grill both to perfection in the back of the restaurant:

The grilled chicken is oh so tender and amazingly not even a little dry, something so hard to attain in  grilled chicken, served with a delicious hummus spread on top; and even better is the gyro. The lamb meat is cooked perfectly so that it falls apart in you mouth and is covered in tzaziki; a cucumber, garlic, dill, and yogurt sauce that is a highlight of the East Side menu. These are then served on a bed of Jedra, a mix of syrian rice and lentils cooked with onions and olive oil; this was good, but much better once i chopped up the chicken and gyro and mixed them in along with the sauces, I recommend eating your plate this way, otherwise the Jedra can be a little boring. Finally the plate came with a side salad with the usual pocket mix ins of pickels, onions, banana peppers, olives, tomatos, hot peppers, lettuce, and a tzaziki sauce. This was good, but they go light on the tzaziki so I would request extra in the future. In the end I was left with only the syrian bread, however, at this point covered in everything else from salad, to humus, to bits of jedra it was a nice finisher to the meal.

Overall a very satisfying meal and very filling if a pocket won’t quite do it for you.



And of course I was in the Clean Plate Club:


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