After a Long Absence: A Weekend in NYC

It has been a while…

But school has begun again and as I sit in the top floor the Blue Room, I can’t help but be hopelessly incapable of thinking of the assigned article in front of me, rather than say… food. A common problem as everyone around me eats quite delicious looking baked goods from the eatery below and as I wait for noon to eat my own delicious looking baked goods from the eatery below me. So this is me giving in, I am accepting the inevitable, I am going to focus on food and not the article in front of me. Yet, rather than eat food because, quite unfortunately, I have begun the long descent to 125 pounds, I am going to write about food and probably look at lots of pictures and videos of food and generally drive myself somewhat insane… and so it begins.

So this past weekend I took a journey to NYC with several friends and, to describe it in a word, it was quite delicious. A quick and totally unsatisfactory summary —  the trip began in Korea town in the flatiron district at Mandoo Bar. It was a great place to begin the trip… a great place to begin any trip for that matter. Case in point:


That is Bibimbap and yes it was every bit as delicious as it looks. A bowl of hot rice, vegetables, sliced beef- cooked to perfection, smothered in some sort of wonderful Korean hot sauce. In conclusion, go there, eat bibimbap, the names awesome– so awesome that I could never possibly pronounce it, the presentation is awesome(in a hot stone bowl), the hot sauce is awesome, it is in general awesome.

1 bibimbap= 11$

The rest of that night would be consumed by unnamed mexican beverages, a very strange unnamed dive bar, and would end in an, unsuccessful attempt, to buy an entire box of egg McMuffins at 4 am. So an interesting night, but certainly nothing blog worthy, especially the egg McMuffins…

The next  day, however, brought several exciting food adventures, for now though I have no choice, but to return to the significantly less exciting, and less edible, article in front of me.


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