NYC Continued..

The next day we awoke in Tribeca, in a different apartment then we expected, an interesting story, but very unfood related, I will leave it to your imagination and hopefully you will think of something much cooler than what actually occurred, preferably even something involving an alternate dimension or aliens, but if not that’s okay I will forgive you.

Nonetheless, despite our interesting awakening, we were okay because we found ourselves right across the street from Bubbies Pie Co. In an earlier post I have discussed the very delicious pie at Bubbies Pie Co., however, this Bubbies was a new and much improved version of its ancient self– alternate dimension maybe?– and now had delicious food other than pie.

After an over-hall of the menu last year, Bubbies is a whole new animal, before I would describe it as some sort of pie bunny creature, cute, delicious, yet in the end there wasn’t all that much you could do with it. Now? Now I don’t know, I am thinking maybe some sort of cow, pig, dog, bunny, delicious genetic mutant. The meal was great. I got the reuben:

house cured sauerkraut, gruyere and russian dressing

It suffered from none of the usual Reuben flaws. Too much russian dressing? Nope. Poor quality pastrami? Hell no it didn’t. Perfect Sauerkraut and the right amount of gruyere? Yes, please. Great Rye Bread? Yessir. A great start to the day? Absolutely.

Luckily I had friends who were kind enough to let me eat their delicious food as well and eat it I did… with much larger bites than they expected. Unfortunately, everything they ordered was a special… so while I enjoyed it quite a lot… you are shit out of luck because all I remember is a glorious combinations of sausage, eggs, potatoes, and bacon.

From there we moved on to another wonderful location. All Good Things, a recently opened Tribeca market. While we didn’t get any food, other than eating every free sample(repeatedly) that they had(the cheeses are wonderful and so are their quick breads), but I did get their New Orleans Ice Coffee from Blue Bottle Coffee. It was hands down the best Ice coffee I have ever had. They sweeten it, lightly, and add milk for you so I have no idea what went in there, but it tasted like no ice coffee I have ever had. If I had just drank it maybe I could describe the interesting after taste, or the strange yet, somehow fantastic flavor, but it was a week ago and again I am useless… so you’ll just have to take my word for it and drink the very delicious iced coffee at All Good Things.

(Even the color is cool…)

If your  interested in a more in depth overview, check out serious eats recent article on the new market.

From there we continued on to Chinatown, there wasn’t much food, but we did do some great bartering and get one damn fine 4$ haircut;

New Friends

After our various adventures in Chinatown we were finally back in the Flatiron district, we decided we were craving pizza, but it was not destined to be. While walking towards Waldy’s, a pizza place one of my friends had recommended, we wandered into The Madison Square Market and barely ever made it out. A market full of amazing food vendors, list here, the smell drew us in and once we saw the foods we knew we were never making it to Waldy’s.

After many circles around the market and much indecision I finally chose to eat at Cannibal: Beer and Butcher. I could not possibly resist a menu item with the name, drumroll… Pigs… Head… Cuban… Sandwich. Pigs, head, and cuban sandwiches what could possibly be a better combo. Actually… many things… I would give it a B+, but nonetheless, no regrets- see the aforementioned awesome name. Unfortunately it was a little thinner than I would’ve hoped, the bread was overtoasted, and there wasn’t enough meat for a restaurant called cannibal.


less meat then pictured…

Therefore, I had no choice, but to eat more… much more. I began with trying almost all, 3, of the cookies at the Momofuku Milk Bar stand. I will go in ascending order of awesomness. First Blueberry and Cream: basically a really good sugar cookie, the blueberries don’t add much, but if you want a sugar cookie you are in the right place.  Next was the most famous and the not quite most delicious compost cookie. It was a great cookie, but there were almost too many flavors going on. Then there was the cornflake marshmallow, easily one of the best cookies I have had in a while, it was like a rice crispy – rice + cornflake(better) – crispy + cookie (better). The cornflakes just give it a great chewy textures and the marshmallows make it oh so gooey and soft. I wish I could re-eat it right now, if this picture doesn’t make you want to re-eat it too… well then you suck.


Thank God I still had a little room for meatballs…

but now I am bored… so more on those later.


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