NYC- The Concluding MeatBall

Mighty Balls.

That was the name of my final food related stop in NYC and mighty they were.

Mighty Balls is a mobile meatball vendor in NYC and no they are “not yo mama’s balls”… my mama makes better meatballs I think, but that’s just because there is love in every bite… but nonetheless, these meatballs are indeed different then my mama’s and probably your mama’s traditional Sicilian meatballs. The options at Mighty Balls are different and as I think is often the case different was delicious.

The menu:

savory balls

first decide how you like them, pick your meat, add your sauce, and enjoy.

slider $3.50
just the balls (3 balls to a bowl) $7.50
hero $8.50
cheese +$1- parmesan-spicy feta-goat-blue-mozzarella

pork – beef – veggie

– mighty hot jalapeño jelly – african onion –
– tomato sauce –
– not your average brown sauce –
– cranberry horseradish –


I was stuffed at this point, but as I walked out of the Madison Square Market I saw someone walking away with a  slider chock full of meatball and cheese and… an unknown sauce, I could not begin to resist. Mystery and meat are a dangerous combo.

They had me at hello.
So I ordered. I was torn as usual, but went with beef balls, goat cheese, and the mighty hot jalapeño jelly on the recommendation of a Mighty Ball employee. They knew what they were talking about. I was blown away by the combo of the mighty hot jalapeno jelly and the goat cheese. The mild goat cheese with the typical goat cheese aftertaste goes perfectly with the spicy jalapeno. The meatball of course did its job quite well. After eating it I was satisfied and my Madison Square Market tear was completed.
That was the last thing I ate in NYC and just like the first thing it was delicious.
In conclusion go eat some meatballs.


3 Responses to “NYC- The Concluding MeatBall”

  1. Good read. I’m crazy for for a good meatball

  2. Thanks, now I want some meatballs. I lobbied for meatballs last night, and got chicken parm and rigatoni, which was awesome. It was John Boy’s chicken! Where is this meatball truck, I must try?

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