Man Meal Number One

This year we started a new tradition, the Man Meal. These meals can only be the manliest of meals, as one would expect. Consisting of meat.. and usually more meat, and then whatever we can throw together in an extremely delicious fashion without spending any money. Quite the challenge, a challenge, dare I say…. only fit for the MANLIEST of men.

So how did our man meal take place… well of course in the manliest of ways!

First we exercised in a manly fashion.

Second we climbed an abandoned drawbridge

(to ensure full blown testosteronation)

Then  we stole vegetables from the dining hall.

Then we Hunter Gathered (like men).

Hunter Pictured Here

Gatherer Pictured Here

Then We Cooked!

So what was our manly menu this week?

Well the first course consisted of:

Pheasant(shot by our manly hunter) and Spicy Italian Sausage (bought for our less manly friend sorry Gus) sautéed in olive oil and simply rubbed with salt and pepper.


Pasta with basil, oregano, and a simple, manly, marina sauce cooked to perfection:

Stewed Cabbage, way better tasting than it sounds, so much so that we earned a cabbage convert, with apples and onions.

(no picture included… it’s still cabbage)

Roasted Vegetables(A butternut squash “gathered” and cooked al-dente-we ran out of time, but made the discovery that undercooked squash is quite good, garlic(both “gathered”), onions, peppers, broccoli, and mushrooms- all provided very kindly by the brown dining hall), that were not so roasted due to a non function oven, whose lack of a pilot light explained the smell of gas filling the room while we cooked. Disaster was avoided, as only a manly man could, by fixing the stove and cooking the veggies. I poured a little olive oil on the vegetables and tons of salt and pepper and sautéed them with the meat.

Pheasant and Veggies

(no solo picture included.. they came out last and naturally, as a manly man, I was hungry)

This course was the man course and, therefore, the only course.

The Final Product?

My Plate

We feasted, it was a great meal: tasty, cheap(everything was free- the spicy italian sausage, butternut squash, and garlic excluded), simple — all told taking only an hour to cook, and most of all exceptionally manly.


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