The Dorrance

This past weekend was parents weekend at Brown.

This means two things:

1.Your fridge magically becomes extra well stocked

2. Your parents, if they love you, and maybe some lucky friends, take you out to dinner.

(this makes you and your friends very happy)

This past weekend I discovered that my parents do in fact still love me! It was a nice revelation and the reward for earning their love was, in fact, a meal. It was all very validating. Nonetheless, if the meal had not been extra good, it probably would’ve meant years of therapy. Luckily, it was in fact quite an excellent meal and thus by correlation I discovered that my parents do in fact love me quite excellently.

We went to the Dorrance in Downtown Providence. It’s quite a shock when you enter the restaurant. It is in an old bank with beautiful high ceilings and all the trappings of an old bank from bank teller rooms to well everything. In the middle of it all are tables and a bar. A very cool atmosphere to eat dinner in.

I immediately liked the menu:



They are also famous for their cocktail list, unfortunately I had weight to lose and practice the next day so I abstained, but I was quite interested by the ingredients they used, here is the list– and a video– about the quite interesting cocktails.

The pork excited me, so did the duck, so did the steak, so did the quail. As per usual it was all very difficult to decide. Luckily before by hunger overwhelmed me, and I lost all faculty to make decisions, they brought out some of the most delicious bread I have had in a long time. It was honey pretzel bread and still warm.



(a pretzel roll in my loving caress)

You bite into a chew, crisp, salty outside and then find your teeth sinking into a warm soft almost sweet inside and you’re in heaven. All was right in the world.

The appetizers are unfortunately very small. Don’t get the lettuces, they were disappointing simply because they were lettuces.  They were in fact quite good lettuces, but if you are going to have lettuces they certainly shouldn’t be very small lettuces. Therefore, if you go, don’t get something like lettuces, instead splurge on something tasty sounding, such as Wild RI Oyster Chowder, so that even a small portion will satisfy you.

The main courses were also small, but they made up for it in excellent quality. I ordered the Berkshire Pork. The pork itself was good, but unusually (mainly because I love pork), the meat was not the highlight of the meal. It was instead the sides which made this meal a standout. The Persimmon, Matsutake, Creamed Farrow, and Spiced Granola were phenomenal. They were sweet yet savory, a little warm, of a yielding, yet chewy texture. They were excellent.



In conclusion the Dorrance is a meal worth eating.. especially if your parents take you.


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