Man Meal #2 Man Burgers

What do you do with four men and two pounds of ground beef fresh from the farm?

You make a Man Meal.

In particular you make Man Burgers.

The meal was simple. We had two pounds of very high quality ground beef from our hunter’s, Sebastien Levin’s, farm. We let it defrost in warm water. Then we added chopped up onions and an entire jar of Dijon mustard. We then made the largest, and therefore manliest, burger patties we could out of the ground beef. This amounted too about eight burgers. Which meant a half pound of meat for each of us… it was glorious. We cooked the burgers in a pan with coconut oil. At the same time we sautéed broccoli, green peppers, peas, carrots, and onions (all gathered once again from the dining hall). We seasoned the vegetables with lemon juice, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, and then drizzled barbecue sauce on them while they cooked– a technique I developed out of my love of bbq sauce, which adds a nice sweet glaze to vegetables and adds a little extra manliness to our vegetable dish. To really make our side dish manly however, we poured some of the excess burger juices on them as they finished cooking. They ended up delicious, the burger juice, bbq sauce, and lemon were an excellent combo.


Especially for red meat deprived college students the burgers themselves were out of this world. They were meaty, manly, and fantastic. The burgers were falling apart a little simply because of the size of the patty, but the Dijon mustard perfectly balanced out the flavor and the meat itself was top of the line. They were juicy, pink in the center, and just perfect.

A great and manly man meal.


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